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I was handed the material by my Superior with instructions, "Here, memorize this,". But who has the patience to read that many pages?

▶︎ We have split the material in the form of questions to make learning a fun activity.


Whenever there is a revision in the laws and regulations specific to our work, I make sure that my teammates are provided with the updated documents but nobody reads them.

▶︎ Asking questions to the team members compels them to engage and thus be interested.


Each member of my team is at a different level of knowledge. Dividing the data into different levels based on knowledge would be great.

▶︎ All of the learning material is visualized, and the user's areas of weakness are fully addressed.


Design learning materials from scratch

The interactive and easy-to-understand operation allows anyone to design simple learning materials in no time.

Testbase book test question


Answer questions online

Users can solve questions, give tests and read books all online.

Testbase student and devices


Users' can be aware of their strengths and weaknesses.

Users can see at a glance what they are good at and not so good at.

Testbase data visualization

Literally anyone - schools, corporations, or individuals - can use our services.

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